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High Visibility & Engagement

1 in every 3 website visitors clicks on at at least 1 form of Tour.Video

Built-In Lead Capture

Websites embedded with Tour.Video see 125% more leads captured per month

24/7 Availability

Most people want to tour outside of business hours ... be there when they do!

Here are what some of our customers say

Regional Manager, PeakMade
"LeaseMagnets is easy to work with and extremely receptive. They took my suggestion to add a Mandarin tour option and immediately came back with an updated product for us. We are in a beneficial partnership that has translated to an immediate increase in leads at properties where we use the tool”
Regional Leasing/Marketing Manager, Landmark Properties
“Easy to use and effective. I feel better knowing that I'm in control of who can see my data.”
McKinney Properties
“...This is what we use LeaseMagnets for. It helps with the introduction to our website and allows someone browsing apartments at 1 am to feel like they are actually walking in the door. It gives them an in person experience before they even pick up the phone.”
KrisAnn Kizerr
Director, Pierce Education Properties
“LeaseMagnets is a great way to offer a creative solution to that problem. We now have properties where 30-40% of the people that sign have never toured in person. Their first time seeing the property will be move-in day.”
David Ramos 
DMG Investments
“Huge fan of what you guys are building and think there’s a lot of fit outside of the property management space. I could see luxury realtors/brokers using the tool!”
Chambers REA / EVP at Asset Living
“These guys are building the tour video digital marketing platform of the future — I’ve recommended them to countless clients already!”

130,000+ Virtual Tours Delivered   ·   50,000+ Tours Booked   ·   40,000+ Prospect Questions Answered  

200% more virtual tours.

125%  more leads.

150%  higher lead to lease conversion.

* stats from real websites

    Drag and drop to  build your tour.

    Building your tour is easy as dragging and dropping your individual clips and hitting save.

    Automatically stitch raw files into tour using our tour templates.

    We have a virtual video editor in the cloud to help you easily turn your raw clips into beautiful touring experiences. And with custom editing, we can product 100% remote production house as well.

    Track the analytics behind each tour

    Register every tour click as actionable data for you to make marketing decisions as well. Yes like Segment but video tours.
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    Set the standard for virtual tours.

    The best-in-class asset owners and property managers trust us with their virtual leasing process.
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